Change is upon Us. Time to move from JOT to UWS

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First, I apologize for the confusion associated with “Licenses Canceled Notifications.”
Since March, we have notified everyone that we will migrate to Ultimate WP SMS (UWS), formerly JOT. We are confident you will be pretty pleased with this new rebuild, but of course, that comes with some required changes.
Your licenses on JOT have been canceled, but that does not affect your ability to operate as usual. That should have been explained. It’s going to be a reasonably straightforward process.
We are creating new License Keys that will replace the JOT ones. These Keys will be used with Ultimate WP SMS (UWS). Here are the simple steps you will take to move over from JOT.
1) Install the plugin
2) Activate the plugin with the new license code that we will send you. (Most likely on Monday 8/28/23 or Tuesday 8/29/23)
3) It will automatically fetch data from JOT. Subscribers and Groups will migrate over.
4) Set up SMS gateway and check other settings to ensure they are synced correctly.
All your groups and subscribers will show up in the new UWS plugin. As for upgrades, support and add-ons, these will be forthcoming. We will not being supporting the JOT plugin starting from September 1st. Everyone should replace JOT with UWS prior to September 1st.
We are working to bring informational videos and tutorials asap.
As a long-time subscriber myself of JOT, I understand the importance of the plugin, and that is why I purchased the company from Stuart. I saw potential in creating something more powerful and easier to use with additional bells and whistles, which is precisely what we have created. I am confident you will agree.
Again, my apologies for how this was communicated. My dev team is the best, but when it comes to announcements, we have some work to do there.
You will notice the new plugin has a very easy-to-navigate interface. We took what we loved about JOT and added to it!
As many are aware, dealing with Twilio is a job all to itself. They have made life miserable for many users. We have a solution. Don’t use Twilio! We are rolling out Gateways that we know are stable and will not drive you insane.
We also are rolling out the Hands Free option, which is the UWS Plugin Pro, along with our Sending Platform. No need to mess with gateways or wait for approvals. Our Subscription Service is a game-changer! This of it as your one stop shop for SMS, MMS and Voice. You control it all from within the dashboard on your site! Set up you number, choose the plan that serves you best based on the data you are sending. UWS handles it all. See your spending balance, reports, errors and analytics from your UWS Dashboard!
We are working with the largest gateways in the world to bring volume discounts to our subscribers. We will keep you posted.
Thanks you!

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