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Sending Options
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SMS stands for “short messaging service,” and is a text messaging service. You’re probably no stranger to it if you’ve ever sent text messages to anyone.

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You can probably tell from the acronym that the difference is MMS messaging lets you include multimedia content, like graphics, GIFs, and rich media.

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Text to Voice or Record your own voice.  A very personal away to deliver your messages to your customers.

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Lite Version

Send SMS messages

Number verification

Configurable subscription ‘welcome’ SMS message

Automatic updates from WordPress dashboard

Supported SMS message length (160 characters)

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Pro Version

Includes all Lite Version Capabilities

Send & Receive SMS messages

Send & Receive MMS messages

Send text-to-voice messages

Accents and language selection for text-to-voice

Send audio files

Supported SMS message length (640 characters)

Integration with WordPress user database

Supports 2 SMS Gateway (more coming soon)

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Ultimate WP SMS Add-ons

No other SMS Solution offers as many features as Ultimate WP SMS.

message scheduler

Message Scheduler Extension

This extension allows you to schedule messages to be sent at a future date and time, great if you want to send regular batches of messages or messages overnight.

Icon post and comment

Post & Comment SMS Notifier

Gives you the ability to notify your groups with an SMS message, when new posts, updated posts or new comments are added to your site.

woocommerce icon

WooCommerce Subscription Integration

WooCommerce Subscriptions Integration extension creates a ‘virtual’ group within the UWS Pro, for each of your WooCommerce Subscriptions products.

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Sink or Swim
msg swim or sink

We like Swim! Unlike other sms plugins that sink when trying to send large numbers of messages, we have a unique Pool System. Okay, so it’s not a swimming pool but it is a pool of gateway numbers. Better than a Cron Job, Pools are a simple way to make sure your messages get sent.

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Lite and Pro Subscribers

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Subscribers Retention

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Messages Sent

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SMS Marketing Just Got Way MORE AWESOME!

Text vs Email Marketing: Which Channel Gets Better Results?

Email has been the preferred method for sending and receiving mass messages and reaching audiences for decades. But, at the same time, text (or SMS) marketing is a fast, cost-effective and reliable way to share promotions and updates with customers. So when it comes to text message marketing vs. email marketing, which is better?

SMS vs Email

Ultimate WP SMS Reviews

Boost Engagement with Text Messaging

“The Ultimate WP SMS plugin is evolving into a comprehensive solution for WordPress users seeking efficient and flexible SMS communication tools. With features like message scheduling, integration with WooCommerce subscriptions, seamless interaction with Ultimate Members, and the ability to create templates and access past messages, this plugin suite offers great flexibility and functionality.”

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