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UWS WooCommerce Subscriptions Integration

The Ultimate WP SMS WooCommerce Subscriptions Integration extension creates a ‘virtual’ group within the Ultimate WP SMS Pro, for each of your WooCommerce Subscriptions products. Each virtual group is populated with members having valid subscriptions.

Plugin Required

  • Ultimate WP SMS Pro
  • WooCommerce
  • WooCommerce Subscription

Key Features

  • Integrates with the Propress WooCommerce Subscriptions plugin.
  • Creates a ‘virtual’ user group within the Ultimate WP SMS Pro, for each of the selected subscription status.
  • A ‘virtual’ group is automatically populated with members holding selected subscriptions status.
  • When subscriptions status change, members will be automatically removed from the group.

New Features

  • Admin notification for each status
  • Can create customer notification for each status
  • Can send text or voice notification
  • Keep user up-to-date with there subscription status

Upcoming Features

  • Payment Failed Notification.
  • Retry Payment notification.
  • Multiple virtual groups for each status with the option to hide and show particular groups.
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Screenshot 2023 08 27 214840
Screenshot 2023 08 27 214855
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Licensing Options  Question Mark icon

  • Billed once per month until cancelled

  • Billed once per year until cancelled