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Message Scheduler Extension (Schedule Manager) – PRO

The “Schedule Manager” tab

A new tab, the “Schedule Manager”, allows you to see the status of your schedule and the status of completed scheduled jobs.


schedule manager

Schedule Manager Tab


Clicking on an existing schedule, will open up the schedule details, allowing you to edit the content of the message and the schedule time and date.

The image below shows an example of a schedule plan for a group called “Schedule Planner Test Group”. The plan consists of 4 items; messages will be sent out to members, 1 day after they joined the group, 2 days after they joined etc.

Screenshot 2023 09 18 233834

Schedule Manager Tab – Open Message Details

To avoid timeouts occurring when processing large batches of scheduled messages, the messages are sent out in batches of 150 at a time. If more than 150 messages have been scheduled, the plugin will process all them in several batches. For example, 450 scheduled messages would be processed in 3 batches each of 150 messages. Assuming that a regular cron job has been created, there would be a 10 minute interval between each batch. The size of the processing batch can be adjusted in the Ultimate WP SMS Pro settings.


To purchase the add-on, kindly visit the UWS Message Scheduler Extension page.

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