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Message History Tab – PRO

The “Message History” tab


History tab: message history of all SMS/MMS/Voice messages that you have send and received.

Each messages Sent/Received shows information on the top like Recipient/Receiver Name, Sender Name, Message Type (SMS/MMS/Voice) and Message Status (if it is sent, in queue, or have errors).

You can also search specific keyword or make advance filter to make your search easier by using the search message and filter features.

message history 3History tab


View each messages by clicking the “Open Message“. A sidebar will show the message thread. You can also do a quick reply to that message by typing on the message box inside the sidebar below.

open messageMessage History Side Bar

You can also choose whether to keep all of your message history or retain it for 7 days, 30 days, 90 days or 180 days. History older than the selected duration will be deleted.

SMS messages and Voice call messages sent are shown in grey on the right.

SMS messages received are shown in blue on the left.

You can use this screen to send SMS messages directly to the selected number.

This screen will check every 20 seconds, whether a new message has been send from the selected number.


Batch Manager

batch managerBatch Manager Tab


Batch manager tab: detailed log of messages sent, pending, error, etc.

Click “Full Stats” button to show the detailed information regarding the Message Type, Total Successfully Sent Messages, Pending Messages to send, and Errors, it will also shows the time and date the message starts and end queuing.

batch manager full stats

  • Message Type – the type of message you created whether a SMS, MMS or text-to-voice message.
  • ic total select Total Selected – the total numbers of members the message is sent.
  • icc total successfulTotal Successfully Sent – the total of successful sent message to members .
  • ic pending Pending – pending message being sent to the members.
  • ic total pending Error – total numbers of message failed to send.
  • queue start date Queue Start and End – Start and End date and time of the message that is being processed.


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