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Template & Past Messages Add-On – PRO


This innovative add-on revolutionizes your messaging experience by enabling you to create templates for commonly used messages, simplifying the process of sending regular reminders or instructions on a weekly or monthly basis. With the Template & Past Messages Add-On, you can also effortlessly access and load past messages, eliminating the need to remember or search for previously sent content. This game-changing add-on sets itself apart from others on the market, offering unmatched convenience and efficiency in managing your SMS communications.




Load Template

The Load Template option enables you to utilize pre-saved message templates, allowing you to customize them before sending them to your customers.


load template

Load Template Button

Template and Past Messages Add On2 e1714045595284Select Template Sidebar

Past Message

With the Past Message feature, you can choose from both recent and older messages, giving you the ability to edit the content before sending it to your customers.

past messagePast Message Button

Template and Past Messages Add On3

Past Message Interface

Save as Template

The “Save as Template” feature enables you to preserve the message you’re currently crafting for future use, allowing you to access it easily for subsequent purposes like announcements, promos, notices, greetings, product updates, policy changes and many more.

save as template

Save As Templates Button

save as template2

Save As Template Sidebar

To purchase the add-on, kindly visit the Template & Past Messages Add-On page.

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