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UWS Shortcode


UWS Shortcode

Total 4 type of shortcode.

Type is required field to make them work.


1. Add/Subscribe user to any group/groups

uws_form type='subscribe' group_ids='2,3' multitype='multiselect'

Params :

  • ‘group_id’ in case need to show subscribe from for 1 group
  • ‘group_ids’ in case need to show subscribe from for muliple groups. comma seprated
  • ‘multitype’ when we have multiple group you can show them in 3 different way. Checkbox, select and multiselect
  • ‘name’ want to show name feild in form or not. yes/no


2. Like Contact Us which will send message to admin group selected in the settings

uws_form type='contact_us'

Params :

  • ‘group_id’ want to add user to any group
  • ‘open_button_text’ popup button text
  • ‘title_text’ title of the form
  • ‘name_text’ label of the name field
  • ‘number_text’ label of the number field
  • ‘message_text’ label of the messafe field
  • ‘send_button_text’ text of the submit button
  • ‘popup’ want to show popup or simple // yes/no


3. Remove yourself from group/groups

uws_form type='opt_out'

Params :

  • ‘title_text’ title of the form
  • ‘enter_number_text’ label of the number field
  • ‘enter_number_button’ submit button text
  • ‘current_groups_text’ label of the group field
  • ‘unsubscribe_button’ submit button text after you select group


4. Send message to all or selected member of the group

uws_form type='group_send' group_id='2' member_select='yes'

Params :

  • ‘group_id’ send message to group/groups comma separated
  • ‘member_select’ need to select member. /yes/no
  • ‘form_title’ title of the form
  • ‘member_title’ label
  • ‘send_button_text’ button text
  • ‘message_text_title’ label
  • ‘send_response’ response text
  • ‘message_content’ default message
  • ‘message_type’ type of message you want to send // uws-sms, uws-call
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