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How to create a 10DLC brand

Creating a brand is the first step to becoming compliant with 10DLC rules. Read on to learn how you can create your brand.


How to create a 10DLC brand


If your business is sending application-to-person (A2P) text messages using 10-digit long code (10DLC) numbers in the US, you’re required to register for 10DLC in order to avoid fees and penalties from mobile network operators. In this guide, we’ll show you how to complete the first step of this process by registering your brand, using tools provided in the Telnyx Mission Control Portal.



Telnyx provides APIs and services that you can use to send text messages. We also provide a set of tools—available via our Mission Control Portal and our APIs—that you can use to register the messaging campaigns you send using the Telnyx platform for 10DLC. If you don’t already have a Telnyx account, you can sign up and leverage these tools and resources to send 10DLC-compliant text messages.


Creating a 10DLC brand in the Mission Control Portal

Once you’re logged into the Mission Control Portal, head to the Messaging section and then to the 10DLC Campaigns tab. From here, you can get started by creating a brand.


Creating a 10DLC brand using the Telnyx API

If you’d prefer to create your brand using a simple API command, you can find details in our API reference documentation.


Information you’ll need to register your 10DLC brand

You’ll be asked for the following information about your business when registering a 10DLC brand. Please note that this information is used by mobile network operators to verify your brand and can affect the throughput allowed to your campaigns. You should ensure that all of the information supplied as part of 10DLC brand registration is correct, complete, and free of typos, as these issues can limit your throughput or cause delays when verifying your brand.


Business Information



Legal Company Name

The official, legal name of your business. This should match the name under which your EIN is issued.

DBA or Brand Name

Doing Business As (DBA) or any trade names. This field is required, even if your brand name is the same as your Legal Company name.

What type of legal form is the organization?

The type of legal entity your brand represents. Choose from:

  • Charity / Non-Profit Organization

  • Government

  • Private Company

  • Publicly Traded Company


The industry vertical which best matches your business.

Country of Registration

The country in which your business is registered.


A URL directing to your business’ website.

EIN Issuing Country

The country that issued your business’ EIN or identification number.


Your business’ Employer Identification Number. EINs are issued by the Internal Revenue Service in the US. If your business does not have an EIN, use this field for an alternative business identification number supplied by your relevant issuing country.

Stock Symbol (required only for Publicly Traded Companies)

Your business’ stock symbol.

Stock Exchange (required only for Publicly Traded Companies)

The stock exchange on which your business is listed.


This box should be checked if your business re-sells products and services to other end users who are also businesses. Resellers are also known as Independent Service Vendors (ISVs). Learn more about 10DLC for ISVs.

Business Address, City, State / Region, and Postal Code / Zip Code

The official, legal address of your business. This should match the name under which your EIN is issued.

Brand Contact Details

Email Address

The email address of an authorized representative for your business.

Phone Number

The phone number of an authorized representative for your business.

A Note about Canadian Brands


Here is some additional advice when registering a Canadian brand:

  • In place of the EIN, provide your Provincial or Federal Corporation/Registry ID Numbers (Private Profit, Public Profit brand types). These are the identification numbers created when a business is initially formed and registered in their home province or with Corporations Canada as a federal corporation (these are not the same as the Canada federal business number, which is created for taxation purposes).

  • Please avoid using your Canadian Federal Business Number (BN) or Canadian Revenue Agency Tax Account Numbers in the EIN section. However, if this is the only identifier you have available, you can still create the brand with this information, just have your official registration documents prepared as the brand will need to be manually vetted.

  • When using your Provincial identification number, we have seen that sometimes provinces make changes over time which cause the original business registration to be misaligned with the currently posted information on the business. Have your official registration documents handy for your business in case a manual vet of your brand needs to take place.


Billing Details

There is a one-time, non-refundable cost of $4 for registering a brand. This is a pass-through fee applied by the Campaign Registry.


Reminder: The Campaign Registry is an independent organization that manages 10DLC brands and campaigns, working with mobile network operators.


Next steps after registering your brand for 10DLC

After you register your brand, it will automatically go through an identity verification process. During this process, the Campaign Registry validates the information provided to confirm the validity of the brand. Your brand’s identity status will be immediately available in the Mission Control Portal.


What if my brand is not verified?

The most likely cause of a brand not being verified is an error in the information provided. If your brand is not verified, be sure to review all of the brand information for correctness. If there is an error in the brand’s EIN, please reach out to our team for assistance.


Third-party vetting to enhance your brand

It’s possible to achieve better commercial terms for your brand by submitting it for third-party vetting. Once you’ve created a brand following the steps in this guide, you’ll see an option to request third-party verification in your brand settings in the Mission Control Portal.

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