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UWS BuddyPress Extension

The Ultimate WP SMS BuddyPress extension (UWS-BP) allows you to copy your BuddyPress members into a Ultimate Wp SMS group. You can then use the Joy Of Text to send messages to BuddyPress group.

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UWS BuddyPress Extension Fields

When activated, the UWS-BP plugin appears as an additional tab in the UWS plugin.

From this tab you can:

  • Choose the Ultimate WP SMS group you want to copy your BuddyPress members into.
  • You can choose whether to merge the BuddyPress members into your selected  UWS group or whether to overwrite the existing UWS group’s members.
  • You can choose the BuddyPress custom field, that you’re using to capture the members’ phone number.

To synchronise BuddyPress with UWS, press the “Sync BuddyPress to UWS now” button. During the synchronisation process, the UWS group is populated with your active BuddyPress members. A log is displayed showing the status of the synchronisations.

You can also initiate a synchronisation by calling http://www.yourwebsite.com?uwsbpsync. To keep You may choose to call this URL from a cron job

Version requirements.

The extension requires either:


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